The shiny and new “IMPACT INNOVATION” Program, powered by FFG

unlimited.ideas advisory is a boutique advisory specializing in innovation. Finding and boosting innovation is supported by a value creating new funding scheme.

IMPACT INNOVATION should specifically activate SMEs and foster renewal in traditional sectors. Up to 50% of projects with costs up to 150.000.- EUR are funded by the FFG. (see video here)

Impact Innovation specifically promotes the use of innovation methods to solve a problem. All involved parties, such as customers, users, suppliers and stakeholders, are involved time and again and actively contribute to their further development with their feedback. The result can be services, products, or processes that deliver tangible value to the audience – anything from digital solutions to social programs. The methodological knowledge required for the implementation of a project can be obtained during the term by external experts.

Send us a mailif you want to get started with unlimited ideas and a keen sense of what is doable!

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