1. Advisory:  Fast delivery of results

Sparring, Action and Creativity are the principles of Advisory. We are fast when necessary and committed to your success. Our basic model to effectively cover all that is necessary is our pmb-Model. It shows the relations between the main agents for Change People, Market and Brand. On request we gladly provide testimonials for our practices and our way of work. 

2. Change Management: Fact Creating Mission

For company wide or even division wide change facts are not enough. No shared reality – no change. Communications matters and so we focus on relation and real change each step we take. Leading Projects is the center of our activity because it relates to the core or your company. And ours: getting things done!

                                      • Setting up classical or Agile Projects
                                      • Managing them from cradle to success
                                      • Developing funding (for national funding in Austria and funding by European Commission)
                                      • Focus on Agility, Digitalization and Change projects with strong impact on the Market


3. Research: Fact Finding Mission

We are focussed on your revenue, not on your cost structure. We are focussed on “striving for” rather than “avoiding”. This is the lense we choose when analyzing People, Market & Brand, “The Growth-Potential Lense”.

            • Market Research
            • People Assessment
            • Brand Profiling