How to foster innovation?

unlimited.ideas advisory attacks innovation processes in a proven and effective way: it is not rocket science but rather setting up a system of communicating vessels. We start by making your invention and innovation processes and their results visible and measurable. This analysis may include qualitative measures like structured interviews with key researchers and innovators. Or it is a simple balance sheet demonstrating how much your innovations contribute to the only measure that really counts in the end: the profit margin.

When we detect gaps or potentials we set-up a process. This process is typically segmented into technical and business innovations as a means to an end (yes, the profit margin). Then a strategy is developed tackling questions like: “do or buy? sell or develop? Pilot or “crash divestment”?

Finally, projects are launched to reach strategic goals. From hackathon to start-up contests, spin-off programmes to staffing critical company departments. unlimited.ideas advisory is the partner to initiate change projects in innovation.