Home is where a challenge is. We have some cases for reference, with some customers we still feel at home.

1. Energy Efficiency for Powerplants in South-Africa

Service: Advisory

Client: Engineering & engine construction (+1 bio., international)

Reason why: raising awareness and stakeholder communication, including funding institutions

Main Focus: People and People-to-Market relations (Stakeholder management)

Activities: preparing workshops at the university tackling typical problems and solutions in regional electricity supply. Design and content for presentations. Press releases and accompanying information were created.

Result: Solution-focussed brainstorming and information on electricity generation and future actions. Involvement of current and future (students) stakeholders in a dialogue.


2. Change Management & Communications

Service: Change Project Management

Client: Engineering, consultancy, global, national office (+20 mio. in Austria) of a global firm

Reason why: Due to changes in legal entity, definition and reflection on brand and brand behaviour as well as external and internal communications of change have been perceived necessary.

Main Focus: Brand description, Market segmentation, definition of People-to-Brand relationship

Activities: Setup of change process (meta-phases like de-freezing, freezing as well as concrete task like contracts, information of suppliers, customers, etc.), team-coaching of management team, communication tasks

Description: In a first interview with the management a broad overview of people –market – brand was mapped. Based on this and parallel competitor analysis a series Workshops for Kick-Off and Teaming-Up of the management were performed. Aims were to develop and describe brand, people, core values and processes of the company in detail. In further steering group meetings the developments along segments of the value chain (HR, IT, Legal, Marketing & Sales, Global Cooperation) are discussed and projects were being set-up. These cover market communication activities as well as human resources assessments.

Result: a successful and happy customer, due to a minimum degree of friction during the project

3. Technical Marketing for Sales People and everyone else in the company

Service: Advisory & Innovation and Sales Project Management 

Client: Engineering & energy, international (200 Mio., international)

Reason why: due to rapid expansion in multiple areas the company’s new products, services and activities were unknown even to the employees. Different sales people from different areas had very different ways of presenting the company portfolio, often neglecting the whole range of offers.

Main Focus: Brand description, definition of People-to-market and Brand-to-Market relationships and channels. Conversion of expert knowledge to “sellable” content.


Activities: Developing instruments that played the same tune on many channels while keeping the brand identity and the core values constant: contents were created for every channel (like movies): highly technical contents with interest only for experts were translated to commonly understandable contents: apt for sales pitches and good enough as teaser for experts.

Result: feedback of the salesperson all over Europe is fantastic since they like to choose between channels and materials in regard to the nature of the customer or prospect.